Aruba One Happy Island

My First Love

The title says it all, yep Aruba is the first and only island thus far that I have yet to fall in love with.  It is part of what is known as ABC Islands, which consist of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaco.   They are within 30 minutes apart from each other. Sadly at the current time the only way to navigate between the islands for tourists is by plane.  The name One Happy Island fits the island of Aruba down to the max.  The people there are so very friendly.  The island itself is so easy to maneuver around.  On my very first trip to Aruba myself along with some friends attended the Soul Beach Music Festival.  We did not rent a car, but however each time after I have visit I rented a car.  I did not expect it too be so easy to get around on the island, renting a car is definitely the way to go!  My first stay was at a resort. It was so nice but quite pricey.  I learned that there were also nice villas, and apartments that could be rented for half the cost of staying at one of the resorts.  But however it all depends on what kind of  budget you are trying to stay within. No matter what type of accommodation you chose, you’ll only be minutes away from the nearest beach.


Things To Do

There are so many things to see and experience in Aruba.  One of the tours that I love the most was an ATV tour.  We had an awesome tour guide.  The tour itself was 2 hours long and it cost my friends and around $60 each.  The tour took us exploring throughout the desert part of the island! That’s right Aruba has pretty beaches, but it also has cactus and lots of dry land.  We had so much fun visiting the Natural Pool and the Natural Bridge.  I must warn you, be prepared for a lot of walking and hiking to get to the natural pool.  The view and experience was well worth it all.  The tour also will take you to the California Light House.  If you are interested in beaches I must admit out of all the beaches that’s in Aruba, Baby Beach located in San Nicolas is my favorite.  That beach is just awesome!  There is an on site restaurant with delicious food.  The waitress there has such a friendly personality.  If you’re looking for some much needed relaxation and quiet time be sure to check out the Renaissances Private Island! They have the pink flamingos there!

Natural Bridge Aruba, 2017
California Light House


Flintstone Restaurant, Baby Beach
Renaissance Private Island
Baby Beach

Places To Eat

I absolutely love trying new dishes and getting recommendations of places to eat when I travel to new places.  I try to set a budget for food, but occasionally it’s the budget that I always end up breaking.  One Of the places my friends and I dined at on my first visit to Aruba was The Le Petit Café, Palm- Eagle Beach.  The food was amazing! Depending upon the dish that you order it can be brought out on a hot stone and cooked right in front of you.  Windows on Aruba was also a nice restaurant. I must admit that both the two mentioned restaurant were both pricey, but the food was so delicious.  Thanks to my Haitian friends that I meet while in Aruba they introduced me to the dining areas where most locals go.  I was  surprised that they offered pretty much the same dishes only at more reasonable price.  So my advice would be to go outside of the tourist areas to enjoy some of the local establishments for half the cost.


Smothered Pork Chpos
Smothered Pork Chops, Flintstone, Baby Beach


Loster and Steak, Le Petit Cafe
Ox Tails with Beans and Rice, Silla  Bar and Restaurant

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