Just Not Enough Time


Curacao is also part of the ABC Islands, just minutes away from Aruba. Since it was so close I decided that I would do some island hopping. The airline that I used to get to Curacao from Aruba was Insel Air. They offer several flights throughout the day between the ABC Islands. Unfortunately, I was only able to spend two days on this beautiful island. As I mentioned my plans of visiting Curacao my friends in Aruba expressed deep concern for my safety. They went on to tell me how it was nothing like Aruba as far as being a safe and friendly island. I took into consideration their thoughts but of course I proceeded with my journey. On the plane ride there I sat beside a guy who identified himself as being a Dr. He informed me that this was his daily routine, working and flying between the two islands. We held a deep conversation and he explained to me how Curacao was different from Aruba. Curacao is known to have a high level of property. The island isn’t that wealthy like Aruba. Because of this there are a lot of gangs on the island. After the gentleman provided me with that information I was still eager to explore the island to see how things were for myself. Curacao population is predominantly Afro-Curacaoan and the spoken language is papiamento. I ended up having a great time and my safety was not ever a concern.


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I just couldn’t believe how much the Taxis were charging just for a 5 minute ride from the airport to the hotel. They wanted $30 each way! There was no way I was going to pay those type of prices for transportation while in Curacao. So you know I rented a car.

The Beaches

There are so many beautiful beaches on the island. It’s hard to choose which one was my favorite. Most of the beaches are great for diving and snorkeling in which I didn’t do either. One that is  high up on my list are Playa Porto Marie.


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Things To Do

Curacao has some great shopping malls. The ones I visited was. Although the Sambil Mall was a little expensive it made a great place for shopping Sambil Curaca and the Renaissance Rif -Fort Mall. You have to definitely visit the Queen Emma Bridge. These are just a few things within my short visit.  There’s so much more to see and explore!


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