How I Conquered L.A and other parts of California with 3 Teenage Girls

Treasure’s Sweet 16 Birthday Trip

Birthday Squad
Birthday Squad

What does a 16 year old girl want for her birthday? Well let me tell you!! My daughter wanted a trip to Los Angeles, California for herself along with a couple of her close friends. I, myself being the fantastic mom, that I am made her wishes come true! My daughter’s birthday is on June 28th. I started planning her birthday in January of 2018. I tried to make this trip as secret as possible but of course she knew of it within only a few weeks of my planning. Let’s just say her friends were too excited themselves too keep it a secret. As time got closer to the trip actually taking place I begin to overthink things a little bit. Some of the thoughts I had was “Will I be able to handle 3 teenage girls all by myself?” I mean what 35 year old woman wouldn’t have had this thought when traveling with a group of young energetic girls. Another thing I often questioned was “Will we be able to enjoy ourselves with the budget that was set? And the answers to all of these questions that I asked myself turned out to definitely be a yes, and I’m here to tell you how I did it. A special thanks to my daughter’s friends parents for contributing to making this a successful trip.

Getting To The Airport

Our flight was scheduled to depart at 7:30pm EST from RDU. So of course with a flight departing that time of day, you assume that you will have enough time to do everything in the world before you actually have to be at the airport. This may have been true, if I wasn’t traveling with 3 teenage girls and this happens to be their first time flying. I thought these young ladies would never stop prancing in the mirrors and taking pictures. So we were finally able to get on the highway to the airport. As we got closer with only an hour left before our departure traffic had begun to get backed up on the highway. I quickly began to panic as I knew if we missed our flight it would have been the next day before we would have been able to depart. The girls thought I was over reacting as this was all of their first time flying. We made it too the airport with only 45 minutes to park get thru TSA and board our flights. As we boarded the shuttle bus to get to the airport, I realized I had left my wallet inside of my vehicle. I just knew we would not be leaving on that flight. How nice it was of my daughter’s friend to quickly run and get it for me. Luckily, my daughter and one of her friends had TSA pre-check which saved us some time. Once we got thru security we began to settle with only 10 minutes before departure, the girls excitement grew deeper and so did mine. The usual time allotted before your departing flight should be roughly 2 hours, but however if you’re traveling with teenagers allow yourself 4 hours to be more on the safer side.

Birthday Squad RDU Airport

Los Angeles, California

My daughter was living her dream! We made it to California! Once we landed in Los Angeles we were picked up by the rental car agency from the airport. Public transportation wasn’t an option. I decided renting a car would be best. I knew we were going to be adventurous. I had also been trusted with the safety of others and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

Our first day in LA one of the first things that was on our list to do was to have lunch at one of the famous “Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles” restaurants. The food there was absolutely delicious and affordable! The girls found it to be a bit different from the normal eateries within our area, but overall they were happy and enjoyed it. Another famous California restaurant we dined at was “In and Out Burger”. Those both were inexpensive restaurants and suitable for teens.

Groupon was my go to App for all of our activities. Groupon is an App where you can find various discounts to events, activities, services, products, and travel. We were able to visit the Museum Of Illusions, Hollywood Bus Tour, and unlimited Go Kart Racing at Go Kart World. Using Groupon allowed us to have money to add a little shopping to our trip. We made our way down to Burbank, California to shop at Fashion Nova in the Burbank Towne Center. There are a ton of nice stores located within the mall.

I only allotted two days for LA because I felt as if it would have been to fast pace for a group of teens but it wasn’t. We managed to also visit the Santa Monica Beach, and Venice Beach.

Venice Beach
Venice Beach
Venice Beach

Oceanside, California

As I planned this getaway I knew I wanted some time to myself so that I could relax and not have to worry much about the girls safety. I found just that in Oceanside. Oceanside has to be one of the most kept secrets of beaches and places to visit. It is absolutely beautiful. It is an hour an 30 minute drive from LA. But it was well worth it. We spent 3 nights on this beautiful beach. Most of the time spent here we enjoyed the free amenities and free activities the resort had to offer. Although we did rent a bike so we could cruise down the boardwalk. When say we had a great time, it was hilarious. Even though our resort had a restaurant within the inside, we went to the local Wal-Mart store to purchase a few grocery items to help minimize the cost of eating out. However we still went out for dinner each night. Joe’s Crab Shack was one of the establishments we had dinner at and is highly recommended. Joe’s is located right on the Harbor. They have great food and a great view.





San Diego, California

How could we resist San Diego when we were that close to it? Well we didn’t! We drove down to San Diego on a day trip. As much as I feared driving all around California it was far easier than what I had imagine. San Diego was a 30 to 40 minute drive from Oceanside. The drive consisted of mostly dry land, mountains, and hills. I enjoyed the drive just as much as I enjoyed visiting San Diego. I gave the girls an option Amusement Park or a Trolley Tour of the city. They choose to take the Trolley Tour of the city. Let me tell you that San Diego is a very large city. No way did we get to see or tour the entire city but we did have lots of fun and we also used it as a learning experience. Just to name a few places we toured and visited they were Old Town, San Diego , Seaport Village, and Balbo Park. We even drove on the Coronado Bridge. It crosses over the San Diego Bay.


Coronado Bridge



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