My Birthday trip to Cancún!

Come Thru……

So, my birthday plans came together just as planned! I was spending my 36th birthday in Cancún, Mexico! I must admit this was in fact an interesting vacation. Once we arrived at the airport and gathered our belongings, we were swarmed with different rental car vendors. Despite my decision not to rent a vehicle based on others opinions and views, with the rates they were offering I couldn’t resist.

Chichen Itza

So since we had rented a car we figured we had better make the best of having it. We decided to drive down to Chichen Itza to see the Myan Ruins and the Myan people way of life. Although we enjoyed the beautiful archeology sites the drive was 2 hours long that included several toll fees. We also visited some cenotes while we were in the area. We ate dinner at one of the local Myan Restaurants. The town itself don’t have much to offer but you will definitely get a true experience of the culture and way of life of the Myan people. Although a couple of friends had forewarned me too not drive at night. On our drive back to the Cancún area it had fell dark outside. As we were driving we noticed how the gas was quickly getting low. We knew we had to make a stop to refuel. So we happened to make it to a store right outside of Cancun. We felt very safe as the area was just as any city within the US. After we refueled and continued to drive towards our hotel we were stopped by a city police officer, who claimed were speeding. So it was happening all the things that I had been warned of. He demanded 2400 pesos which equaled to about $120 USD to let us go without having too deal with anything further regarding the situation. We definitely were not speeding as we had just pulled away from the gas station. We managed to talk the officer down to $20 USD and he let us go. This incident definitely made us feel some type of way and we definitely didn’t drive any more during the night unless it was within the city of Cancún. Once we got back to our resort we felt very safe again.

My Birthday Celebration

We decided to have dinner and go dancing at one of the local pubs for my birthday. It was a great decision. We had unlimited chicken wings and pizza! Yep doesn’t take much for a country gal like myself. We attempted to go into several of the night clubs on the strip but however they all were over crowded and over priced. The cost of the club admission was $35 with unlimited drinks. This would have been a great deal but however my friend nor I was a drinker. So we decided to continue my birthday celebration at Fat Tuesday. And we had a fabulous time. We had several daiquiris and danced the night away.

After the Celebration

The fun didn’t stop once my birthday had come and gone. My friend and I continue to admire the beauty the island had to offer. We spent our last day relaxing at the resort enjoying the amenities. Along with exploring relaxation is a must while on vacation. While the Krystal Resort was a great choice as far as location the resort could use some renovations. It was within walking distance from the main strip of cancún and several restaurants.

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